We Carry In Stock Select Paper and Ink Jet Cartridges!


A big box office "supercenter" opened in Tiffin, they drove our independent office supply stores out of business. But they soon realized that their big "box" approach for Tiffin did not work and went out of business. The end result--the consumer was left scrambling to find a local business to sell everyday supplies such as paper, toner and ink jet cartridges without having to drive over 20 miles to another small town.


MLAD made the commitment to setup a small storefront called The Paper Store. We stock a sizable inventory of Cartridge World laser and ink jet cartridges that are competitively priced. We also carry many brands of paper stock, from Hammermill and One, to name a few. Although we can't stock as many brands as the big box store, it at least helps out the customer who can't afford to drive to another city.


This is one way MLAD Graphic Design Services is committed to community. Stop in visit The Paper Store. Our staff will be more than welcome to help you.